Commission Painting

When you want to get a painting commissioned, perhaps with multiple people in the drawing, this is the place to come. Commissioned paintings start at 100 dollars for one subject, 180 dollars for two subjects, and each additional person keeps getting a discount.

Have more subjects than I have buttons available for you? Go ahead and paypal the appropriate amount of money to, and include the appropriate photo urls in the extra information you send me.

Not sure if your photos are any good for a drawing? Check the FAQS for some guides on photo taking.

How many subjects in the painting?

A couple of thoughts.

Does your image link work? Check that.

Do you have an instagram account? Tell me that.

Is this a gift? Mention that.

Have you read the FAQ? Read that.

Do you have your feet? Stomp those.

Can you hear the beat? Speak prose.

How much time for my drawing? At least 2 weeks.