Instagram Sketches

Every day on Instagram, a user's photo is chosen and sketched by Hamilton. These are always a single portrait, sometimes of a person sometimes of pets, but always of one subject. So far over 200 people have been drawn, and all of these portraits are collected every three months in the Portrait Quarterly book.

In order to participate in the choosing of these drawings, people are encouraged to use the hashtag #drawmeham on Instagram in order to tag their own photos to be chosen for a drawing. Using this hashtag does not guarantee a drawing, but it is always considered.

Some people want to encourage the selection process, and so here those people are given the opportunity to pay money to grease the wheels.

A couple of thoughts.

Does your image link work? Check that.

Do you have an instagram account? Tell me that.

Is this a gift? Mention that.

Have you read the FAQ? Read that.

Do you have your feet? Stomp those.

Can you hear the beat? Speak prose.

Is this worth your time and money? Could be.

Will you like my drawing? Should be.