Who is this Bronkula guy?

Hamilton Cline draws everyday on Instagram as Bronkula. You might already know this. He probably sent you to this url himself. Did someone else send you here? Bless their little hearts.

Hamilton started drawing when he was young. He has worked as a caricaturist in theme parks, he has been an art director at video game companies, and currently he teaches web development at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. When he isn't making websites to showcase his art, he likes to make games, play games, and draw people.

Can I get a drawing done?

Oh, you want to get a drawing done? Go on Instagram or twitter and use the hashtag #drawmeham. Every day Hamilton will find someone to draw and draw them. Sometimes it's a person, sometimes it's an animal, sometimes they didn't even ask to be drawn.

This all started in December of 2014. Hamilton drew a bunch of people all at once, and then made a resolution to draw one person every day for the year of 2015. It's spawned a book series, art shows, and a need for websites like this. All of this happens in his spare time between semesters of teaching.

Can't I just pay him money for art?

You say, "But Hamilton picks a random person to get drawn, how can I make myself more available to the process?" There is a way, and it involves money. You can give Hamilton money.

"I thought he does this for fun!", you say.

He does, and it takes up a lot of time. And when you aren't being all demanding, it's a lot of fun. So let him accomodate you by giving you the ability to speed up the process.

Should I really give him money?

Using the #drawmeham hashtag is the easy way to get your photo to my attention. It doesn't guarantee a response, but it does make it into the list. Just use the hashtag if you are super attached to your money. It's cool, we can still be friends.

Giving Hamilton money supports the arts, and lets him do things like buy better tools, have more time to draw, and not have to worry about paying his electricity bills.